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Jitendra is Alumni – BHU IIT With the diverse and challenging experiences with Multinational conglomerates such as Uttam Strips Ltd., Hero Group (Steel), Dabur Group Company, Essar Steel Ltd., Essar Oil Ltd., Action Construction Equipment (ACE), Standford Engineering Ltd., Voltas Ltd., Escorts Ltd. and Macneill & Magor Ltd. Apart from having a glorified career in senior management roles he also acted as a consultant with European companies and has also owned various businesses in the energy, construction and mining sectors. He is well known to be an employee/worker friendly leader with a long-term vision for business.

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Vaibhav is an alumni- University of Manchester, UK Vaibhav has been involved since the inception of AOMG. Vaibhav heads the Product development and production of the company. He is responsible for all technology advancement and product development in the company. With more than a decade of experience, Vaibhav has successfully established various businesses in the field of Hospital Management and School Management. He also belongs to the promoter family of LIBERTY SHOES Ltd. and heads the B2B sales of the company.

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Megha is Alumni – University of Bristol, UK Megha has a decade of experience in Marketing & Operations Strategy for companies manufacturing high quality valves and regulators and cylinders. Currently she is also Director-Operations in Gemini Intergalactic India Pvt. Ltd. which is the India division of an American Company.

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Mannan is an alumni- University of Hertfordshire, UK With more than a decade of experience in logistics & sales management, he has been on the board of numerous companies, optimising their supply chain management not only in India but also Globally. He also has experience of establishing companies in Central Africa and has been closely working on Product Innovation & Technology Advancement of products since 2007. He belongs to the promoter family of LIBERTY SHOES LTD and has successfully managed to set up various processes like Central Warehouse Management, under his supervision 99% on-time delivery process is done by his company.

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Samarth is an alumni- Syracuse University, USA. A communications expert with a decade-long experience, Samarth Sharma has worked in the Steel, Public relations & Marketing, Non profit and Technology sectors as Corporate Communications, Account manager and Brand Lead. He has a knack for storytelling, which he believes is one of the key elements of business development, pitching, sales and for building a brand value. His skill sets lie in strategy, concept ideation, pitching, content development (be it video or writing) & graphic design. Samarth’s creative pursuits have enabled him to work as an actor/model for brand TV commercials.

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