Building India’s Largest EV Charging Network

Welcome to Aoneng Meglin Solutions, where every charge powers a greener future. We are committed to revolutionizing transportation through our extensive network of EV chargers across India. Join us in empowering sustainable mobility and reducing emissions with our eco-friendly solutions.

Every charge fuels a greener future
Charging your EV with us means more than just powering up - it's about supporting a sustainable future. Our chargers are strategically located to ensure convenience while positively impacting the environment. Explore our EV chargers today.
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Empowering the drive with our electric vision
Join the electric revolution with Aoneng Meglin Solutions. We offer reliable, eco-friendly EV charging solutions that empower your journey towards a cleaner tomorrow. Become part of our network spanning EV charging stations nationwide.
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Driving the future with eco-friendly solutions
Explore the forefront of sustainable mobility with our range of EV charging products. We are committed to enhancing accessibility and efficiency in the EV charging ecosystem across India. Discover how we're shaping the electric revolution.
Explore EV Chargers
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Welcome to Aoneng Meglin Solutions – your partner in shaping a sustainable future! In a world grappling with the crisis of pollution, we are dedicated to taking actionable measures that contribute to a healthier planet for our children. At Aoneng Meglin Solutions, we embrace the ideology of the green revolution, actively working towards reducing CO2 emissions and carbon footprints.

We are a tech-driven company with a team of engineers with rich history in power and mobility sector. We ensure cutting-edge research & development, manufacturing, and top-notch after-sales service for our products-EV charging stations.

As part of the esteemed promoter family of Liberty Shoes Ltd., a leading manufacturing and retail brand, we bring a wealth of experience and commitment to excellence. Aoneng Meglin Solutions is also a proud sister concern of Anjani Enterprises, a manufacturing powerhouse with a robust portfolio spanning various industries.

Rooted in the core values of commitment, quality, and added value inherited from our mother company, Meglin Solutions is dedicated to providing our customers with the best products and services. Join us in our journey towards a greener, cleaner, and more sustainable tomorrow.


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