Shyne Cube-30KW Single Gun CCS2 DC Charging Station


Shyne Cube is our efficient and effective 30KW CCS2 DC charging station which is apt and compatible with EVs with CCS socket.

It can either be wall mounted or can be mounted on a pedestal.
It can withstand harsh weather conditions and is built to last long.

• Supports: CCS2 Socket.

• Works With RFID / GSM / WIFI.

• 30KW is preferred in public charging spaces such as fuel stations, highway stop projects, airports, railway station etc.

• Supports Multiple Payment Options.

• Remote Start-Stop Feature.

• OCPP 1.6J Compliant.

• IP 54 Rated.

• LED Status Bar.

• Charging Type: Mode 4.

• AC Input Voltage: Three Phase 415V. 45-65Hz.

• DC Output Voltage: CCS. 300-1000V, 30KW max.

• Efficiency: 95% .

• Power Factor: > 0.98.

• Operating Temperature 40deg. C to +55 deg.C.

• Standards: IEC62196 | IEC61851.

• Number of Charging Outlets: Single, Over current, Over voltage, Under voltage.

• Protection: Ground Fault, DC residual current protection, Surge Protection.

• Cooling: Forced Air.

• Network Connection: Wifi / 4G (Optional)*.

• Communication Protocol: OCPP 1.63.

• User Authentication: Remote Start Feature.

• Operating Altitude: 2000 mtr.

• Push Button: Emergency Stop.

• Display: 7″ color LCD Display.

• Mounting Arrangement: Wall (Pedestal Optional)*.

• Standard Warranty: 12 Months.

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